Calorie Counting Watch – Know more about how Calorie Burn Watch works

New Balance Calorie Counter WatchOne of the most effective ways to lose weight is to go on a diet. A diet that consists of lower calorie intake than your regular daily caloric intake, and a diet that consists of more fiber are necessary to effectively lose weight. But counting the amount of calories you take each day can be quite difficult. You can’t always read the nutritional facts, list them down each day and compute them later. That would be too tedious and time consuming.

Now, there is a way to do that easily and that is through a calorie counter watch. This is one of the hottest technologies in weight loss these days that enabled people to count their daily caloric intake and count how much calories they lost during workouts.

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How does it work?

A calorie counting watch comes with a pedometer. This is a device that can help you count how much calories you lost from a workout as it counts your hip movement. The pedometer translates and processes this information and will reveal estimation on how much calories you burned through the movements of your hips.

There are also many calorie burn watches that come with a pulse rate monitor to read your pulse as you work out and show estimated calories burned as well. More advanced calorie watch counters process your pulse, movement, and breathing; and transfers the information to the computer so you can read a graphical representation of the calories you burned.

What can you do with this watch?

With this watch on hand, you can make your workout sessions more productive and easier for you. This handy tool helps you achieve a particular calorie burning target and indicates how much effort you still need to add to your workout to achieve said goal. You can already set the watch to your calorie burning goal and then help you keep track of your movements based on time and pulse monitoring. The data it reveals provides value to the workout you just did and tells you if you need to exert a little more effort or have a more intense workout to reach your goals.

Psychological Advantage

Another reason many people are hooked on using a calorie counter watch is because of its said psychological advantage. Because you are able to keep track of your efforts, this gives people an added sense of motivation and inspiration to reach their goals. This gives them concrete goals that they know they can achieve to give them a boost of motivation and reward them with satisfaction after when they have reached their goal. Hence, if you need a boost of inspiration and motivation to help you perform better and burn more calories, a calorie counter watch may be able to help you.

Cost of Calorie Burn Calculator Watch

A calorie counter watch is considered as a sports instrument. Hence, just like any other sports equipment, the price goes up as the features become more advanced. A simple calorie counter watch that has the basic features such as the pedometer and a pulse monitoring with clock mechanisms costs around $30 to $80. For strapless ones, they even cost less than that. Medium-end calorie counter watches also tell you the distance and pace of your workout aside from the basic features.

Some of these even have a built-in FM radio to make working out more interesting. These calorie counter watches range from $100 to $200. High end models include a GPS and many other graphical features aside from the basics and the other features available in low and medium end watches. Some even have an MP3 player for a more interesting and entertaining workout. These watches cost more than $200.

The Best Calorie Burn Watch

Now that you know why and how a calorie counter watch can help you achieve your goals and workout better, some of you may be interested to know the different kinds of watches they can avail of. Depending on the features you want your watch to have, there are many different models and brands you can choose from.

  • Basic Models – as mentioned above, these basic models are the least expensive of all because they contain lesser features. Nonetheless, they have the basic features essential to a calorie counter watch and can already help you achieve your workout goals. The Pro Form Heart Rate Monitor and Calorie Counting Watch is one that you can choose. It costs only $64 with all the basic features plus a heart rate monitor. Another option is the Tech40 Accelerator Runner RM1. This costs $65 and according to some reviews, this watch, though basic, can help track distance traveled and pace of your workout in addition to the calorie count.
  • High End Models – but if you want something that has more features for whatever reason, there are also plenty of higher end models you can choose from. These models contain the basic features plus more so you can analyze and track your progress better. The Garmin Forerunner 405 is one option you can consider. This features distance, time, speed, calories burned, and heart rate. It is also GPS enabled so you can always find your way when you have run many miles already and have no idea where on earth you are. But it is quite expensive with a price tag of $300. If you want a less expensive option, try the Nordic Track – Cardio Track Combo Heart Rate Monitor Watch. This features a timer, heart rate monitoring system, calorie counter, 100 seconds stopwatch and comes with a chest strap. This costs only $190.
  • Strapless Models – these are watches that contain the basic features but are less expensive because of the absence of a strap. These watches are attached to the belt or the waistband of your pants. The LCD, Pedometer WalkingStep Calorie Counter is one that you can choose. This is very affordable with the basic features included.

A calorie counting watch is truly essential for people who want to lose weight effectively. Choose the one that fits your budget and your needs the most to lose weight fast and effectively.

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